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Environmental Policy
【 Slogan 】
『Everyone of Daikin Qing'an act to respect environment』
【Basic idea】
      Regarding environmental problems as personal problems, all the staffs should prevent environmental pollution.
      In all the aspects of dealing in business, products and service, explore continuously the best solution to profit the global environment.
      Any solution that will profit the global environment and be available, no matter how not worth mentioning, it should be carried out immediately.
【Action regulation】
(1) Adopt effective solution to solve chloro fluorocarbon problem.
· Do our best to reduce the release of chloro fluorocarbon in manufacture course.
(2) Relieve the burden of environment in routine works.
· Reduce the discharge of sewage.
· Decrease the consumption of energy.
· Reduce the rubbish.
· Reduce the discharge of gas that lead to the global warming..
· Enhance the management of chemistry materials.
· Promote the virescence of factory.
(3)Green Procurement
(4)Enhance the consciousness of environmental protection.
· All the staffs should study and fully understand the problem about the protection of the global environment, exactly realize what influence to environment that routine works make, and think about these problems in action.
· Provide right manual of products to suppliers, installing workers and users, to enhance the idea of environment protection.
(5) Abide the rules and other regulations, establish relative self-test standard.
· Make sure of the request of relative rules with our company, and act on these rules.
· Establish self-test standard stricter than rules, promote the level of management.
· These items that have made by company must be abided, although some items are beyond the request of rules.
(6) Enhance collaboration with other organizations and people.
·Actively take part in the activities of environment protection hosted by local government and organizations.
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