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<Daikin Scroll Compressor>

■Daikin scroll compressor hold the biggest share of market in Japan , which is the biggest market of commercial air conditioner in the world.
■Feature:①High efficiency and high reliability       ②Low sound,light weight
■Daikin scroll compressor have made great contribution for development of air conditioner industry of China, due to adopting new technology for perfect performance above.

<Daikin Scroll compressor entirely match all kinds of air conditioner system>
① Simple structure
② Have passed all test items including heat pump system.
③ Pursue the purpose of simplifying application in system (control in system), reliability system technology achieves utmost performance for the scroll compressor.
<In comparison with reciprocator compressor>
① High performance→No re-expansion volume
  ·High efficiency in all range of application.
  ·Especially in outdoor environment with low temperature, capacity of heat pump is very high.
② Low sound and low vibration→Using uncontact scroll, without suction valve and discharge valve.
  ·Low sound: need no sound insulation.
  ·Low vibration: simply design of circle tube of system.
③ Small dimensions and light weight→Simple structure with less parts.
  ·Smaller and lighter comparing with reciprocator.
  ·Fit for small and light outdoor unit with special high style.
④ High reliability
  ·Advanced reliability of compressor, because of less parts.
<Characteristic of Daikin compressor>
① Simple structure.
 ·High reliability (adopting high accurate and uncontact scroll)→The pure structure of air seal makes stable performance.
  →Small dimensions > light weight (adopting super small scroll and three legs) →Compact and light outdoor unit.
② Low sound (adopting high accurate and uncontact scroll)
 ·Meeting demand of quietness (keep the same step with Japan)
③Technology crystal of air conditioner manufacturers.
 ·Compressor apply in heat pump system.
 ·Passed the overload test that exceed practical application condition.
<Future of Daikin compressor>
① Inverter trend→fit for inverter driving, due to adopting uncontact scroll.
② Apply new refrigerant (R407C)→Reliable technology of design and evaluation solution have made certain.
   ①,② All the compressors have been produced and sold in Japan..
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